Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay with its golden beaches and some of the best fishing in Australia is about 300 kilometres north of Brisbane, which is the capital of Queensland here in Australia. The major industry in the area is Tourism. Hervey Bay or " The Bay " as it is affectionately known as by the locals is well known as one of Australia's best natural holiday destinations, with a reputation as a safe and relaxing aquatic playground. Just across the bay is the unique wilderness area of Fraser Island - acclaimed as the largest sand island in the world. It offers visitors a splendid natural vista, which includes beautiful beaches, spectacular coloured sand cliffs, dense rainforest and shifting sand dunes. The island also supports a variety of wildlife. Fraser Island is known for the Rain Forests, sand-filtered lakes and creeks, which support a variety of beautiful vegetation and the natural appeal of the area.  The island is accessible only by water or air. Island transport is exclusively four-wheel drive, with hire vehicles and tours readily available.  

The Bay (Hervey Bay) is known as the recreational fishing capital of Queensland and the Whale Watching Capital of the World so there is something here for every one. The Hervey Bay area provides a smorgasbord of fish that live and breed in the rivers and protected waterways of this area. The southern end of the Great Barrier Reef extends into our waters and the significant coral growth areas extend the fish range to include most tropical species such as Estuary Cod, Mulloway, Snapper, Coral Trout, Bream, Sweetlip, Trevally and a wide range of pelagic fish such as Tuna, Mackerel, Cobia and even Marlin.

In addition to the southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef we have our own artificial reef stretching along the eastern side of Big Woody Island. With Fraser Island Protecting our waters it enables the small boat owner to venture some 35 odd mile north along the island to Platypus Bay and Wathumba Creek and further on to Rooney's and Sandy Cape. This area has reef, natural, artificial, and innumerable rocky ledges hold a great variety of species to keep all forms of fisherman happy.

Hervey Bay offers a spectacular myriad of natural and man-made attractions and activities. This haven, which began as a number of seaside villages, boasts miles of golden beaches, which gently roll into the bay’s calm waters sheltered behind Fraser Island. Water sports are a popular past time in Hervey Bay, with ample facilities provided for swimming, fishing, diving, sailing and boating of all sorts. Other popular features include the boat harbour and marina, an extensive foreshore bike path, a local flying fox colony, an ideal fishing pier, the botanical gardens, a large number of fine dining restaurants and a host of entertaining attractions and activities. Hervey Bay also offers many beautiful and historic outlying townships, including Burrum Heads, Toogoom, Howard, Torbanlea and River Heads. Due to Hervey Bay's growing popularity, the Fraser Coast is a hive of activity and offers year round attractions and events with something to suit most interests. The beauty of the Fraser Coast is that it still offers the intimacy and friendliness that many larger destinations seem to have lost. The relaxed atmosphere and abundant attractions Hervey Bay has to offer is complimented by the all year round climate that is an overall package and recipe one could call Paradise.

The annual migration of Humpback Whales from Antarctica to the warm waters off Queensland brings many of the magnificent whales into the sheltered waters of Platypus bay, on the western side of Fraser Island. After calving in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef, many pods of whales retreat to Platypus Bay to relax and play before returning to the rich feeding grounds of the Antarctic. There are more Whales that come here to Hervey Bay and stay longer than any other place basically in the World, and I feel that is because of the natural bay and calm waters created by Fraser Island. Celebrating the return of the Humpback Whales each year, Hervey Bay stages a Whale Festival for two weeks every August. An aquatic carnival, including an illuminated procession of floats, is the highlight of this fun-filled fortnight. There is a large fleet of boats available for your trip out to see the whales, fishing or just a pleasure cruise on the calm waters we are accustomed to all year round.


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